3 stk. NYE kvalitets MTB Cykler Carrera Crossfire

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3 kvalitets MTB Cykler Carrera Crossfire

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Sort 21 inch Frame - Anbefalet højde af bruger 183 - 198 cm
Sølv 21 inch Frame - Anbefalet højde af bruger 183 - 198 cm
Hvid 21 inch Frame - Anbefalet højde af bruger 183 - 198 cm

One of our best-selling bikes, the generation of Carrera Crossfire Hybrid Bikes blends smart styling, premium components, a durable design and great value for money. Blending the most useful features of road bikes and mountain bikes, this hybrid bike is ideal for riders who want the best of both worlds.

Carrera has been creating outstanding bikes for over 25 years, building a reputation for quality bikes at great prices. If you buy a Carrera Crossfire, you can expect a bike that’s easy to look after, a pleasure to ride and incredibly durable – and you won’t have to spend a fortune to own one!

Hvid og sort:
Lightweight aluminium frame
Suntour suspension
24 speed Shimano gear set
Tektro mechanical disc brakes
Large diameter 700c wheels

Frame: Light aluminium frame with upright sitting position for easier handling
Forks: 63mm Suntour front suspension fork for controlled trail riding
Gears: 21 Speed Shimano gearing makes riding easy on all terrains
Brakes: Aluminium V-brakes for controlled and effortless braking
Wheels: Large 700c wheels with double walled rims for added strength and reliability
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Kategori: Varelager
Landsdel: Jylland
Eftersyn: 12.12.2019 kl. 11.00 - 13.00
Horsens. Kun efter tilmelding senest dagen før kl. 16 på info@konkurser.dk
Varegruppe: 3
Højeste bud Budfrist: 13.12.2019 kl. 15.00 Vurdering
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